Michael 'Jocko' Joksimovic

Financial Advisor


1201 Story Avenue, Suite 230

Louisville, KY 40206

Office Phone: 502-694-9934

Email: Jocko@bluecapfg.com


1) Hometown:  I was born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park, IL, a suburb 25 miles north of the city.

2) Education:  Following my graduation from Highland Park High School in 1982, I attended Indiana University-Bloomington on a Chick Evans Scholarship awarded by the Western Golf Association. The Evans Scholarship pays full tuition and housing to deserving candidates who qualify by caddying two summers while in high school, being in the top 25 percentile of their graduating class and being in financial need.  I graduated from IU in 1986 with a Bachelors Degree in Public Management.

3) First Job:  I began caddying at the local country club at 12 years of age. When I graduated from IU, I returned to Northmoor Country Club for the summer and caddied while I sorted through numerous job opportunities.  In the fall of 1986, I started my career in the financial services industry with the downtown Chicago office of National Life of Vermont, working primarily with floor traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Board of Trade.

4) Family and Personal Life:  I married my college sweetheart, Maria, in 1990 and we moved back to her hometown of New Albany, IN to raise our two daughters Emma and Claire.  The girls, just like their parents, attended and graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington and have moved out on their own so Maria and I are now empty nesters!

5) Why did you become a Financial Advisor: In the 1980’s when I began my career, the financial services industry was segmented by insurance, banking, and brokerage.  I primarily worked with traders and resident doctors to set up disability income policies.  When I moved to Kentuckiana in the 1990’s, the walls between financial institutions had broken down and my focus became closely held businesses as a retirement specialist. I partnered with an individual to host four CPA continuing education seminars each year and became passionate about helping those businesses provide retirement benefits for the owners and employees, as well as creating succession plans for the business.

6) Most Profound client experience:  My older sister died at age 44 from stomach cancer, leaving two children ages 5 and 7 behind. On the positive side, before she became ill, we had a conversation with her husband and their CPA about increasing her life insurance.  Following her death, this additional life insurance allowed my brother-in-law to maintain the family's lifestyle, including providing income for a nanny so that Peter could continue to work full time in his profession, tuition money for my niece and nephew to still attend the private school in Chicago, and dollars to pay the mortgage on the family's condominium on Lake Shore Drive. My nephew now attends Tulane University and my niece is applying to colleges all across the country.

7) What do clients need to know about Bluecap:  Bluecap Financial evolved as a service model for the future. In order to meet the complex financial decisions our clients face, we need to provide expertise in many areas. The range of experience, knowledge, and creativity of our advisors allows us to be process-oriented, client-centered and advisor-supported.

8) Best Business Advice:  Be an advocate for your client, their family, and employees and everyone benefits!