Patrick Gaughan

Financial Advisor


1201 Story Avenue, Suite 230

Louisville, KY 40206

Phone : 502-694-9934



1) Hometown: I grew up in Lakeland, Florida and have lived in Louisville, KY since 2013.

2) Education: I received my undergraduate degree from Furman University in 2002 and was part of the university’s tennis team. In 2010, I completed my MBA at the University of Florida.

3) First Job: In the hot Florida summer, I worked part-time at a local tennis camp.

4) Family and Personal Life: My wife, Andrea is a professor at the University of Louisville in the Geography Department. We have a son, Holden who keeps us busy.

5) Why did you become a Financial Advisor:  I wanted to work in a profession that allows me to make a difference in a family’s life. As a Financial Advisor, I work as a partner to help families protect the ones they love and put together a plan to grow their wealth.

6) Most Profound client experiences:  I remember when a young family took the steps to obtain life insurance. Seeing the peace they felt by implementing life insurance into their financial plan revealed the benefits of our partnership. Another experience I remember is a recent retiree who said the work we did together made it possible for him to retire on his own terms. It was gratifying knowing I made a positive difference in his life.

7) What do clients need to know about Bluecap:  Bluecap was established by a group of five financial advisors that care about each other and their clients. Each advisor wants to be a trusted partner to help their clients meet their specific goals and objectives.

8) Childhood Memories: I remember the family vacations that I took with my parents and brothers to different parts of the country.  The trips we took to Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Smoky Mountains were some of my favorites.