Bluecap Financial works in partnership with our clients to solve their financial goals. The financial landscape is constantly changing, and we truly believe that all clients can enjoy a secure financial future with proper planning and preparation. 

Comprehensive, Fee-based Financial Planning

We will work with you to create a plan tailored specifically to your unique situation, touching on all facets of your financial world. Using the latest software, you will have access to your written, compressive plan complete with customized recommendations and in-depth, thorough analysis.

Investment Strategies and Asset Management

Based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and tax structure, we work with you to develop customized investment strategies. Due to our open architecture, we can choose from hundreds of asset managers and utilize thousands of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, Separate Accounts, and more.

Insurance and Risk Management

Your financial health is only as good as your protection plan. We will shop the marketplace to find the carrier and product that makes the most sense for you. We specialize in life insurance, long-term disability insurance (LTD) and long-term care insurance (LTC).

Estate Planning

Our goal is to help alleviate the burden that wealth transfer often creates for the ones you love. Through the financial planning process, we utilize our experienced advanced markets team to design estate strategies that accomplish your goals and objectives.

Business Planning

The owners of closely-held businesses face unique challenges. We work with our business-owner clients to design and, where appropriate, fund strategies that include: succession planning, executive carve-out plans, key employee retention, buy-sell arrangements, key-person arrangements, and much more.

Retirement Plans / Qualified Plans

We partner with business owners to help facilitate their companies’ retirement plans, including 401(k) and other defined contribution plans, as well as defined benefit and deferred compensation plans. We work with both start-up plans and established high-balance retirement plans.